Remote Online Interpretation

Remote online interpretation

Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) or Distance Interpretation (DI) is a digital solution for multilingual events online when physical meetings are not possible.

How it works

Distance interpreting services can be delivered remotely online via Zoom or any other platform. Interpreters can be in a different location from speakers and participants, delivering interpretation either from a hub/ studio or in extremis from their home office. Live interpretation will be streamed online in real time to participants dispersed around the globe.

When and where to use

Thanks to new technologies and software virtually any multilingual event, big or small, can be served with remote interpretation. There is a range of technical solutions available for providing interpretation online. Some of them can be used in combination with a client’s existing videoconferencing system.

Why choose Lingua in Focus

Lingua in Focus will help you to choose the distance interpreting solution that best suits your needs and requirements. You will get advice on simultaneous interpreting delivery platforms and software, as well as pre-meeting tests and technical support during the event itself to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

LIF Response

Currently under COVID-19 restrictions we help our clients to maintain focus by serving their teleconference meetings remotely online on various platforms of their choice (Interactio, Interprefy, Kudo, Olyusei, TrueConf, VoiceBoxer, Webex, Zoom, among others).

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