Why hire a professional
Russian interpreter?

Understand your Russian speaking international audience, grow your business globally and improve your revenue

In today’s global world everything is about trust and credibility. Trust and credibility can be built by engaging in better conversations.

You will make your Russian-speaking partners feel more relaxed and grateful to you for making it possible to have a conversation in their mother tongue, with nuance and precision.

By hiring a professional interpreter you reduce the risk of miscommunication because interpreting involves translating both words and cultural concepts associated with language and context.

I am an experienced simultaneous interpreter well versed in various areas of human knowledge and international relations

When clients hire me, they get my academic training, linguistic skills and extensive experience as conference interpreter working at international meetings in various settings.

I have worked at summits, intergovernmental ministerial meetings and conferences on wide variety of subjects, from energy and medicine to human rights and Christianity.

Thanks to my academic medical training I focus on medical and pharmaceutical conferences and webinars.


Because I will interpret with precision and clarity whatever the subject of your international meeting. I value integrity and loyalty, and as a member of AIIC I am sworn to strict confidentiality.

When it comes to medical and pharmaceutical conferences, you can rely on my medical background and unique experience of working in the medical world. I will bring my medical academic training and insight to contribute to the success of your international medical event.

I understand what it takes to have a successful multilingual event, and if you ask my advice I will always help you to find a solution that best suits your needs.

I will support you all the way by involving my professional connections in the international conference interpreting world.

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How I can help you?

I specialise in the following areas:

International & EU affairs, Public & Government relations, Banking & Finance, Law & Arbitration hearings, Human Rights, Christianity, Energy Transition, Mining & Metals, Transport, Science & Technology, Combating Crime & Fraud, etc.

My special focus is on:

Medical and Pharmaceutical conferences and translations, including clinical trials, investigator’s meetings, webinars and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

This is where I stand out and make a true difference by tapping into my medical knowledge and expertise.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Currently under the COVID-19 restrictions I help my clients to maintain focus by serving their meetings remotely online on various platforms of their choice (Interactio, Kudo,  Interprefy, Webex, TrueConf, VoiceBoxer, Zoom, among others).

You will get at your fingertips my expert knowledge and professional connections in the international conference interpreting world.

As a result you will be reaching out to your international audience and getting the most out of your resources.

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