Meet Zouchra Aikaterini Kasimova

I am a professional Russian conference interpreter based in the Netherlands. I work at international conferences and meetings around the world, both onsite and remotely online.

For over two decades I have been interpreting for international organisations, governments, institutional and private clients.
I am a linguist with medical background: the perfect combination for a medical or pharmaceutical event.

My working languages are Russian (mother tongue), English and Greek.

I am a full member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) that stands for high-quality conference interpreting around the world and am accredited with Directorate General of Interpreting of the European Commission (DG SCIC).

I have lived, studied and worked in four very different countries: Russia, Greece, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

My job is to make sure that your message maintains its focus and gets across to the international audience with clarity, precision and confidentiality. To enable a smooth communication at your event you can draw upon my knowledge and expertise.

Why hire a professional Russian interpreter?

My Education

I have been blessed to have the chance to follow my two passions: life sciences and modern languages that have fascinated me since I was a child.

In high school I made it to the finals of the National Biology Olympiad, which brought me to medical school.

When I moved to Athens I fulfilled my second dream by studying English and Modern Greek languages.

Combining academic medical studies and studies of modern languages has become my biggest asset giving me the edge in understanding concepts at play in sciences and linguistics.

Studied Medicine

Studied medicine at St. Petersburg State Medical Academy, Russian Federation

Language Degree

Graduated from National Kapodistrian University in Athens, Greece, with a B.A. degree in English and Modern Greek languages, followed by a simultaneous and consecutive interpreting course

Professional Courses

Taken a number of professional development courses and seminars, including Introduction to Law and Public Speaking, Legal Symposiums on Arbitration, International and Humanitarian Law. Completed a number of trainings and workshops on Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI).

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